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Avoid water wastage & get the bills right, in time

Worldwide a lot of effort, time and money is invested day-in and day-out in making water suitable for human consumption.

At the same time we know that there are still a lot of places on this planet where people have none or very limited access to clear, fresh water. Latest news (published March 31st 2013): Worldwide 780 million people don't have access to clean water. 

Considering this, it is hard to imagine -and actually unacceptable- that in average well over 40% of the fresh clean water produced is wasted without us knowing where it has gone.  We have made it, but we don't know if it's used or wasted and we cannot invoice it.

Leakages in the piping systems, faulty meters, fraud……

A solution to (part of) this problem is provided by using highly accurate water meters and leakage detectors, automatically read from a distance, data fed in real time to the central computer, combined with a very sophisticated administrative and analysing software. Leakages -and locations of them- will be detected on line and in real time, over or under dimensioning of a meter can be adjusted on the spot, fraud will be avoided and invoices will be 100% correct and in time.

Quote: "Only Itron has the complete breadth of talent, technology, and global experience to help utilities solve their most pressing challenges." ​

End-to-End Solutions

Energy and water utilities face immense challenges in ensuring the safe, reliable delivery of service to their customers

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Back in 2009 Caydens was first confronted with a growing need in the Balkan area to manage and control the distribution of fresh, sanitary water and a reliable administration of the process. 

Inspired and pushed by its visionary director, Mr. Danilo Burnac, the leading Slovenian waterworks company MB-Vodovod, decided to be a pioneer and leading utility by implementing an fully automated monitoring system, thus avoiding water waste. The best of both worlds would be combined in a marriage of ideology, ecology and state-of-the-art technology .

Itron is the leading company worldwide in gas, water and electricity meters and management.

Caydens Int. already worked together with a Slovenian compny for a long time and merged the technical, sales, distributing and logistical knowledge, skills, experience and expertise in a newly found company Ekogrid.

After being awarded the (European) public tender on quality, performance and price, Ekogrid, Itron and MB-Vodovod teamed up together, to be the number one partner in (former) Yugoslavian countries to market, sell, distribute, service, support and implement these systems of advanced meter reading, including all hard- and software.

                                             How & why we started

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