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The Company TOPLING d.o.o. Prnjavor is located on the Prnjavor-Derventa highway. From a small craft workshop Topling developed into a medium-sized company. Today it employs 150 workers. The company Topling d.o.o. deals with: manufacturing of hot water boilers and steam boilers, planning and carrying out of central heating, air condtioning and ventilation.
Strategic preference of the company Topling d.o.o. is the production of boilers which work on renewable energy i .e. biomass, and that is: pellet, sawdust, straw.

In addition to these boilers we also produce boilers that work on manual heating of rigid fuel, electrical boilers liquid and gas fuels. Boilers that are manufactured have a power from 15 kW to 2000 kW, so they are used for warming of family houses as well as warming of residential buildings, industrial buildings, shopping centers etc.


For the purpose of achieving of the needed quality the company possesses the most modern equipment for manufacturing of boiler s (robot welding, modern devices for welding, cutting with plasma etc.) which is located in the production halls of an area of 7.000 square meters. All the products which are manufactured in our firm are planned, developed, examined, in our own examining station and are as such placed on the market. The company Topling d.o.o. possesses certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007.
In addition to the certificates for the company, all the products are standardized in accordance with European directives and norms which treat the issue of  manufacturing of hot water boilers, and as such possess the CE mark.
Thanks to the achieved quality and the modern technological performance of products Topling is today present on all markets of the former Yugoslavia, on the market of many European countries (Austria, Hungary, France, Italy, Greece, Romania, Rus sia), and since recently it is also present on the continents of North America and South America.


Link to the company website here




Respecting tradition, SENKO stove source of cheap, economical and environmentally clean heating and cooking. Superb build quality and durability are achieved by using new technology, and thanks to modern design and refined details are desirable in any space.

Contemporary design, nostalgic spirit of fire, the combination of heating, cooking and baking, designed according to your tastes thanks to a choice between different types of materials that define the exterior stoves.

Inside the product is tailored based on the classic kitchen stove, and rebuilt innovative technological solutions, which are the result of 25 years of successful development and monitoring requirements of the modern market to the highest European standards.

Link to the company website here​​


Swimming pool heat pumps & equipment

Fairland Electric, China’s #1 producer of swimming pool heat pumps, is offering  extremely economical and efficient pool heaters,  with an unparalleled C.O.P. value of 6,2 and a vertical air outlet. These pool heaters, protected by a coating which originates from the car industry, come with a 5 year warranty on the compressor, 3 year on the titanium heat exchanger and 2 year on all other parts.

Caydens Int. also works closely together with Procopi , France's biggest supplier of swimming pools, equipment, and accessories.

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