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Our mission

Advice, supply and integration / implementation of sustainable technical systems; CO2 and energy neutral. With heat storage and distribution as a central concept and as the heart of the installation.

Where ideology and economy meet.

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Our goal

Practical craftsmanship combined with a solid theoretical foundation, knowledge associated with expertise in a constant search for the optimal solution. Intuitive, groundbreaking ideas together with a highly service-oriented and loyal attitude: that is EcoSavings Europe.

Founded by two entrepreneurs whit a proven track record in various technical and logistic disciplines. Eco-Savings is your partner when it comes to a sophisticated design and timely delivery of the right products and materials and the realization of a professional installation.

Connected with, but independent of, the very best manufacturers in their field, we will give a completely objective advice in order to achieve the best results and the highest possible return on your investment.


Our objectives

We design, supply and install an intelligent combination of very high quality system components with the aim of creating a truly effective CO2 and energy neutral building. Thus realizing a huge reduction of your Carbon Footprint (can they actually  measure it in square millimeters? ;-)  

We devise and incorporate unique solutions based on proven technology.

Where others stop thinking, we go on.

Almost all other similar systems available on the market, are only comparable to a part of our solution, none of them offering the total solution which we do realize.  Certainly not with our forecasted payback time and ROI.

Based on your wishes and demands, we offer a partial or a total solution to a house or (apartments) building. We will get you partially, and if possible entirely, independent of energy suppliers (gas and electricity).

The savings in energy costs offer an extremely high return on investment resulting in a payback time of possibly 8 years or less.


Outcome: an efficiency of over 10%! 

A path to a green solution, where value prevails over price.

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